Kick-off meeting

The INFLOW kick-off meeting was held in Paris today

World’s first test site with multiple floating vertical axis wind turbines
Ten partners from six European countries gathered in Paris on June 19th to kick-off a research project on offshore wind energy, featuring a world premiere: The INFLOW (INdustrialization setup of a FLoating Offshore Wind turbine) demo project, directed by French engineering company Technip, will see the deployment of a novel design commercial size floating vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) in the Mediterranean Sea near Marseille. Together with a similar turbine prototype to be installed in the course of the predecessor project VERTIWIND, the world’s first offshore test site with multiple floating wind turbines will be established. With a high stability through the low centre of gravity and high reliability due to the missing yaw and pitch controls and gear box, VAWTs are a very promising solution for converting wind energy offshore.
“This project represents a major step toward the commercialization of floating offshore units! INFLOW should break down the barrier of water depth limitation and open a wide new horizon for offshore wind energy”, said project manager Migel Harismendy from Technip.
Funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme and running for four years, the main target of INFLOW is to optimize the existing VAWT prototype and to manage all aspects required to initiate a viable industrialisation phase, in order to launch a 26 MW wind farm and to develop even larger farms in the future.
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List of project partners

  • Technip, France Technip is a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. From the deepest Subsea oil & gas developments to the largest and most complex Offshore and Onshore infrastructures, over 30,000 people are constantly offering the best solutions and most innovative technologies to meet the world’s energy challenges.
  • DTU Wind Energy, Denmark DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Wind Energy department is composed of the former Wind Energy Division at Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. DTU together with Risø have provided a major part of the wind energy research in Denmark and are internationally recognized as being in the forefront of wind energy technology.
  • Alstom Hydro España, Spain Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Nenuphar, France Nenuphar develops robust and economical floating vertical axis wind turbines with limited environmental impact for power producers who want to install floating offshore wind farms.
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES, Germany
    The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization and active in the sectors health, security, communication, energy and environment. The research activities of Fraunhofer IWES cover wind energy and the integration of renewable energies into energy supply structures.
  • DUCO Ltd, United Kingdom DUCO Ltd is the technology and support centre for Technip Umbilical Systems (TUS). TUS has designed, manufactured and supplied subsea umbilicals to the oil and gas industry for over 30 years.
  • EDF Energies Nouvelles, France Operating in Europe and North America, EDF Energies Nouvelles is a market leader in green electricity production, with a portfolio of 4,200 MW of gross installed capacity. With a development focused on wind and solar photovoltaic energy, the Company recently entered 3 new promising markets: Israel, Morocco and South Africa, and is expanding its business in offshore wind energy. The Company is also present in other segments of the renewable energy market: marine energy, biogas, biomass and small hydro as well as in distributed energies. EDF EN manages renewable energy projects’ development, financing, construction as well as operation and maintenance for its own accord and for third parties. EDF Energies Nouvelles is a subsidiary of the EDF Group and its renewable energy arm.
  • Vicinay Cadenas S.A., Spain Vicinay Cadenas S.A.‘s field of business is the manufacturing of offshore mooring chains and -assesories as well as related engineering and design.
  • Vryhof Anchors NV, Netherlands Vryhof provides drag anchors and related mooring equipment for larger floating structures to the offshore energy industries as well as for offshore civil applications.
  • Eiffage Construction Métallique, France Eiffage construction métallique, formerly known as Eiffel, is a subsidiary of Eiffage, major of construction and concession in France and Europe.