2nd General Assembly

The 2nd General Assembly meeting was held in Bilbao, Spain

The second General Assembly of the INFLOW consortium took place in Bilbao (Spain) on September 17th, 2013. At the meeting the main results achieved by the project during its first half of implementation period were presented by the project partners, together with updates on the progress of the INFLOW predecessor projects Vertifloat and Vertiwind.

The pan-European INFLOW (Industrialization setup of a Floating Offshore Wind turbine) project under the leadership of Technip is progressing in its main objective to demonstrate the cost competitiveness of an innovative solution for the offshore wind market, which is developed in its predecessor projects Vertifloat and Vertiwind. Furthermore the project is to bridge the gap in between the development and industrialization phases of the technology.

In the wake of the meeting the official INFLOW website was relaunched in a new design, presenting the INFLOW project in a more accessible and appealing way now. Updated information on the project’s time schedule and progress are to be added soon.